Your Stature and Your Jewelry

All women want to be attractive and to look great for themselves as well for others. There is one way to become almost ideal in the eyes of everybody- to find your perfect style and to draw the eye to your best features and draw attention away from your drawbacks. We all have our favorite parts of the body and the parts we'd like to hide. It's not difficult to create emphasis- try to place a beautiful piece of jewelry in the right place. And the jewelry should have some specific characteristics depending on your appearance. Of course, all of us have unique bone structure, size and shapes. And our height is usually one of the determinants of the choice of jewelry.
So, if you are under 5'4", you probably need to add length and create the illusion of leaner, longer line drawing the eye upward. Therefore, you'd better choose the jewelry that creates illusion of length. Consider earrings that will create the illusion of taller frame and longer, leaner line. Geometric shaped earrings sweeping upward on the ear will look great. And don't forget that the shape of your face also is very important in the choice of earrings. For example, if you have petite frame and round face, avoid long large round shaped earrings and choose rectangular, triangular and square shaped earrings, long ovals and long earrings with butterflies or hearts at the ends, for example. Collar length necklaces look great on women of petite stature. Choose long length necklaces and avoid the necklaces falling below the waistline and U-shaped necklaces ending above the breastbone. For better look, wear several or numerous narrow bangle bracelets. Avoid large and wide bracelets not to look overwhelming.
If you are 5'4" -5'7", you fall under average type and you are lucky. It's great to be not too short and not too tall. You can enjoy and explore a wide range of styles and options of jewelry and accessories. But there are some that will highlight your style and complement your stature better. When you choose necklace, you may wear necklaces of any shape or length with the exception for full-figured women. Full-figured women should better consider the necklaces ending above the breastbone. If your bust is large enough and you don't want to put additional accent on it, choose the necklaces above the bust-line. Choosing earrings, keep in mind your face shape, neckline and hairstyle but there are no special advice depending on your stature. And choose among long dangle earrings, classical CZ stud earrings, tear-drop earrings and geometric-shaped earrings. What concerns your hands, you'd better wear one or two wide enough bracelets. Avoid narrow bangles because they will be lost on your frame.
If you are over 5'7", your tall, long frame allows you wearing almost all jewelry that is not too small. Consider high choker if you are thin and tall. To for-shorten your height, choose U-shape necklace lying above the breastbone. Tall women look especially attractive wearing beads, precious stones jewelry and pearl jewelry. Long dangle earrings are the best for you and you can enjoy other earrings types. Avoid studs and button earrings. Wear wide bracelet or many narrow bracelets. Avoid delicate and fine jewelry pieces because they will look disproportionate on your tall stature. If you are tall and full-figured, consider bracelets with large geometric shaped beads.
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