Sterling Silver Chains

Sterling silver jewelry has become especially popular nowadays. There are many reasons for it. First of all, sterling silver looks great with almost any color and the jewelry matching everything is a perfect choice. Silver has affordable if not to say low price in comparison to gold which has become more expensive. Gold jewelry is now the choice mostly for special occasions while silver jewelry is available in simple designs perfect for casual wear as well as in unique and exquisite designs for special events. You'll find almost all your wardrobe look great with silver jewelry if you make such an experiment.
There are such jewelry pieces we can wear at work, at formal meeting and at home. Consider sterling silver stud earrings, silver tiny bracelet, ring in sterling silver or elegant sterling silver chain.
Let's talk about the way of accessorizing your outfit in a cheap and elegant way. And let's take the jewelry attracting attention to our neckline and bust. And we easily reach the desired effect just wear a simple silver chain. There is a wide choice of silver chain styles and designs. Some of them look great with a pendant and others have a complete outlook and don't need additions. Large and small, significant and delicate, silver chains come in variety of types. Here are the most widespread of them. Have you already got them in your jewelry collection?
Silver snake chain consists of the pieces fitting together in a flat manner resembling snakeskin. Add sparkle and shine to your outlook!

Silver bead chain is formed by stringing bead-like shapes and it looks great with pendant.
Silver rope chain is available in thick and thin forms and it is done in twisted manner. Thick rope chain is a good choice for men.
Silver open link chain looks like chain used in boat construction but it is more delicate and much smaller consisting of strung links.
Silver box chain consists of tiny square pieces strung together. Wear large box chain alone and add pendant to small box chain.
And no matter what silver chain you chose, remember to take care of it to protect it from damage and remove tarnish caused by oxidation. Prepare mild soap, anti-tarnish cloth, fine felt and water. Clean your silver jewelry regularly. Apply the solution and after the water beaded, pat it with soft cloth. Polish it with fine felt or special sterling silver polishing cloth. Wrap each silver jewelry piece separately in a cloth or bag to prevent scratching and tarnishing. Store it in dry, cool, dark place where it's also protected from air. Using household chemicals, take silver jewelry off as well as when you are in water.