Shopping for High Quality Jewelry

Shopping for high quality jewelry requires some knowledge of specifications and jewelry industry terms to ensure good purchase. You may enjoy shopping for jewelry because it's always exciting to look at beautiful things and choose some for you, but you may also face some difficulties and confuses. Before you enter the sparkling world of gemstones and shining jewelry, learn some definitions and terms of jewelry industry and compare service and price. Wisely checking online jewelry stores, you'll find quality and attractive jewelry for you at the reasonable price.

So, what are the marks of precious metals like silver, platinum and gold? Gold jewelry pieces are marked with karat. The karat tells what proportion of gold is mixed with some other metal. (24k gold is pure- it means 100% gold). And 14k gold contains 14 parts gold mixed with 10 parts other metal. The most popular gold is 14k and 14k yellow gold and 14k white gold jewelry is considered the best for body piercing jewelry as well as for classical jewelry pieces.
Platinum jewelry marked "platinum" contains 95% pure platinum. Rhodium or iridium is mixed to platinum metals and such jewelry is marked with percentage of both metals.
Silver marked "925" is used in pure sterling silver jewelry that is one oft the most popular choices of jewelry nowadays.
If you shop for pearls, you should know whether they are cultured (created with human intervention by the oyster), natural (created by the oyster) or imitation (made by men with various materials). The quality of nacre, the color (black, grey, white, ivory-colored) and the size defines the price of cultured pearls. Tahitian pearl jewelry is the most expensive and white pearl jewelry is most widespread and classical.
What you should know about diamonds is the 4 Cs: cut, color, carat and clarity. Colors differ greatly defining the price. Cut determines the sparkle of diamond and princess cut diamond jewelry is the most popular. Carat is the weight that determines the size of the diamond. Clarity classification has many levels and it's graded so that "flawless" is the highest grade.
Shopping for precious stones, consider red ruby, green emerald and blue sapphire. Semi-precious stones jewelry is more popular nowadays because of its affordable price. Quartz, garnet and topaz are the best-known semi-precious stones. Quartz family includes citrine (yellow-orange), amethyst (purple), smoky quartz (brown), rock crystal (colorless or white), lemon quartz (sunny yellow) and rose quartz (opaque pink). Topaz when heat-treated gives non-natural colors including dark blue, sky blue, green, red and pink. Garnet usually comes in wine-red and also in orange and deep green.
Others stones popular in jewelry are tourmaline, spinel, peridot, opalm jade and agate. Opal is available in black varieties, white and fire stones and jelly opal variety.
Shopping for high quality jewelry should probably be based on some more research depending on what exactly you will be looking for. have a nice time online and enjoy your purchases!