What are Endless Hoop Earrings

What are endless hoop earrings? They are named so because they should be worn all day long including sleeping time. Endless hoop earrings are designed to be worn for some time after the ear piercing is done for the first time. They have a smooth front with screw on backs and unusually short posts. And to make the healing process run faster endless hoop earrings are made of hypoallergenic materials. And you can easily replace endless hoop earrings by earrings of other type when your piercing is completely healed. One shouldn't replace and remove earrings from newly piercings to avoid infections, irritation or discomfort. So, endless hoop earrings should be worn until the ear piercing healing is complete. But some persons get used to the comfortable endless hoop earrings so much that they continue wearing them after the healing is complete. And why not if endless hoop earrings are comfortable through the day a well as for night sleep in any place and position.
Endless hoop earrings in the form of smooth studs are good choice for small children, while endless hoop earrings in the form of hoops are better for older persons. Gold and silver endless hoop earrings as well as endless hoop earrings made from inexpensive metals are available in variety of shapes and designs. It's suggested not to buy endless hoop earrings from any inexpensive metal containing nickel because the jewelry is worn non-stop and the allergy to nickel can develop with time even if you don't have it at first.
Endless hoop earrings are a good choice for persons of all ages. They are comfortable, safe and look elegant. And their price is reasonable!