Post Earrrings- Perfect for Fresh Ear Piercings

There are various types of earrings fitting different types of face, different life-styles and tastes. I think that any woman should have at least one set of post earrings in her jewelry collection and there are many reasons for such choice. Post earrings are very simple yet comfortable. They have a straight post and a removable backing which holds the earring in place. Post earrings are the best choice as your first jewelry after the piercing. They allow new holes to heal properly.
Post earrings shouldn't be confused with stud earrings because the second don't extend below the earlobe while post earrings dangle below the earlobe like the earrings on a curved wire. Post earrings with a small ball from gold or silver at the end are the most common as well as post earrings with an expensive precious stone or a birthstone. The earrings themselves are usually made of surgical steel or gold- metals which are the least irritating. Those who wear posts from nickel containing metals may experience irritation or infection and it's better to choose other material for long-time wear. And of course, you'll avoid infections and other complications if you would take proper care of your piercing and earrings.
Post earrings are the best choice for fresh ear piercings!