Leverback Earrings

leverback earrings

Shopping for earrings consider all their types and choose the one you want to have. Here you'll find some information about leverback earrings- earrings with a hook fitting through the ear and meeting with a clasp on the back side of the earlobe. This clasp covers the part of the hook that extends through the hole in the ear and out behind the earlobe. Many people like the look of leverback earrings very much, some wear them because of their security.
The hook used in leverback earrings allow them be paired with dangle earrings. They can also frame small elements such as pearls, glass beads, precious and semi-precious stones. The jewels can hang below the earlobe or fit below the hole with leverback earrings.
Leverback closures are used in jewelry design in various ways. The most typical silhouette includes a closure from which a single bauble or jewel hanging right below the earlobe. These ornaments or jewels might be glass beads, pearls, faceted precious stones and semi-precious stones. The cost of leverback earrings varies depending on the quality of stones and metals.
In some leverback earrings the embellishment may be fitter into the front of the closure. The closure contains a small loop at the bottom and it is plain. The loop fits just below the earlobe because of the right position. Chains, stones and beads can hang from the loop.
Leverback earrings are unlikely to be lost, and this is one of many other advantages of leverback earrings.