The History of Earrings

Why people wear jewelry? There are women and men who just can't go out without their favorite ring on the finger or a necklace on their neck. Jewelry represents the way people see themselves. And among jewelry for women earrings are the most popular and desirable type of decoration representing the flair and the style.
19th century dangling earrings Earrings are said to have originated in the Middle East and Asia. Pendant and hoop earrings date back to about 2000 BC while pierced earrings have been found in ancient Egypt that date back to around 1500 BC. In those times only affluent women could afford to wear earrings made of precious metals and therefore earrings were a sign of prosperity and wealth. There was a break into wearing jewelry during Dark Ages and Middle Ages because women had no money to own earrings. In the late Renaissance earrings were worn only by improper women and were thought as inappropriate and flashy thing. These magnificent pieces of jewelry became popular again in 17th century in Europe when new ideas were adopted and styles changed. In the 19th century fashion for long jeweled earring was set by Queen Victoria. Earrings were more popular than ever by the middle of the 20th century and they were available in all sizes and shapes. Women wore more ostentatious earrings in the evening and more conservative earrings during the day. Styles merged in the 1970s when pierced earrings gained great popularity. Nowadays earrings are widespread among women as well as men and there are multiple designs and styles available in all price categories.
If to divide earring into groups, the first classification will include two basic types- they are clip-on and pierced earrings. Clip-on earrings were extremely popular till the 1970s when pierced earrings shot into style. But nowadays they came back. They clip on the ear lobe with a screw-in post or a spring attachment. Popular styles of pierced earrings include studs, posts which hold a hugged style earring or a round hoop and posts with dangles.
Earrings are worn by men and women of any age today and it's quite common to pierce the ears of babies. You can easily shop for simple stylish earrings for casual wear as well as eye-catching gemstone studs or dangling earrings for special events. Earrings are popular gifts for birthdays and graduations.