Clip-on Earrings

Clip earrings are popular due to many factors. They are worn by those who have non-pierced ears as well as by people who can't wear heavyweight types of earrings. Clip earrings come in a variety of styles. There are several types of backing options. A hinged back is traditional design. Screw-on backs or magnetic backs are also available but less common.

clip-on earrings
Prime users of clip earrings are those who don't want to pierce the ears. It's a perfect way to see if you enjoy wearing earrings or not before to pierce the ears. Clip-on earrings can also be worn as a second or third jewelry piece instead of piercing. Many people with ear piercing wear clip earrings instead of piercing jewelry if the piercing is infected and needs time to heal.
Heavy earrings can cause injury and pain worn through a piercing and they often feature clip-on backs. Most pate jewel and rhinestone earrings are clip-on earrings. Chandelier and hoop style earrings are rarely available in a clip version. Clip-on earrings vary in their backing styles. The most common is the basic clip-on hinge which holds on to the earlobe and can be removed by releasing the hinge. Magnetic backed earrings can be worn on the upper ear, earlobes or even on nose.
Clip-on earrings with opals or pearls should be kept in a special velvet-lined pouch. Earring rack or tree as well as jewelry box are normal places for storage for costume clip-style earrings from base metals.