Chain Earrings

There is a wide choice of jewelry at the market nowadays and each woman chooses the type matching her style and designs she likes most of all. Let's talk about the earrings perfect for people with round and heart shapes of the face- chain earrings. Chain earrings are made of one or several strands of metal chain creating linear, dangling silhouette. They can be made of various metals in variety of finishes. Some chain earrings include gemstones, enamel charms, metal components of other shapes and semi-precious stones as well as they vary in length. Depending on the intended look of the earrings they may be designed with kinds of posts and hooks.

Chain earrings may have colored components in the design such as stone, glass, pearls or plastic. A round component such as bead or a pearl fitting right under the hook is involved for one common silhouette. Small components such as rhinestones are connected to the bottoms of each chain. The chains can be of one or different length and the second variant is far more common. There are also chain earrings in which chains are gathered together creating a sort of tassel. And in rare cases, each earring uses rather thick chain of only one length.

The length of each chain in chain earrings can vary. Chain earrings may dangle down and reach about half way to the shoulders and it is met most designs. You can also meet chain earrings which actually fall past or touch the shoulders. Such earrings are also referred to as shoulder sweepers. There are chain earrings which chain dangles not right below the earlobe but from a hoop. Such earrings may be shaped like a teardrop or be circular. The hoop in chain earrings can also be octagonal or square in its shape.

Choosing chain earrings you get a fine addition to your holiday outfit. Chain earrings look great with an evening dress at any special event as well as with jeans and a blouse at the party or wherever.