Clip-on Earrings

Clip earrings are popular due to many factors. They are worn by those who have non-pierced ears as well as by people who can't wear heavyweight types of earrings. Clip earrings come in a variety of styles. There are several types of backing options. A hinged back is traditional design. Screw-on backs or magnetic backs are also available but less common.
clip-on earrings

Leverback Earrings

leverback earrings
Shopping for earrings consider all their types and choose the one you want to have. Here you'll find some information about leverback earrings- earrings with a hook fitting through the ear and meeting with a clasp on the back side of the earlobe. This clasp covers the part of the hook that extends through the hole in the ear and out behind the earlobe. Many people like the look of leverback earrings very much, some wear them because of their security.

Your Stature and Your Jewelry

All women want to be attractive and to look great for themselves as well for others. There is one way to become almost ideal in the eyes of everybody- to find your perfect style and to draw the eye to your best features and draw attention away from your drawbacks. We all have our favorite parts of the body and the parts we'd like to hide. It's not difficult to create emphasis- try to place a beautiful piece of jewelry in the right place. And the jewelry should have some specific characteristics depending on your appearance. Of course, all of us have unique bone structure, size and shapes. And our height is usually one of the determinants of the choice of jewelry.

Modern Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstones were viewed as mystical items and were said to possess magical and healing powers. Nowadays the gemstones associated with the dates of birth also have significance in many cultures and are worn not only for the sake of beauty- they are believed to match the personality and to bring luck to the wearer. Here are some interesting facts and information on the birthstones for each month of the year.

Why Any Woman Should Have Dangle Earrings in Her Jewelry Collection

dangling earrings
Why any women should have dangle earrings in her jewelry collection? The answer is simple- because she really needs them. There are so many different types of dangle earrings that any woman will be able to find the set perfectly fitting her type of the face and matching special occasions and outings as well as everyday wear.

What are Endless Hoop Earrings

What are endless hoop earrings? They are named so because they should be worn all day long including sleeping time. Endless hoop earrings are designed to be worn for some time after the ear piercing is done for the first time. They have a smooth front with screw on backs and unusually short posts. And to make the healing process run faster endless hoop earrings are made of hypoallergenic materials. And you can easily replace endless hoop earrings by earrings of other type when your piercing is completely healed.

Sterling Silver Chains

Sterling silver jewelry has become especially popular nowadays. There are many reasons for it. First of all, sterling silver looks great with almost any color and the jewelry matching everything is a perfect choice. Silver has affordable if not to say low price in comparison to gold which has become more expensive.

Shopping for High Quality Jewelry

Shopping for high quality jewelry requires some knowledge of specifications and jewelry industry terms to ensure good purchase. You may enjoy shopping for jewelry because it's always exciting to look at beautiful things and choose some for you, but you may also face some difficulties and confuses. Before you enter the sparkling world of gemstones and shining jewelry, learn some definitions and terms of jewelry industry and compare service and price. Wisely checking online jewelry stores, you'll find quality and attractive jewelry for you at the reasonable price.

Post Earrrings- Perfect for Fresh Ear Piercings

There are various types of earrings fitting different types of face, different life-styles and tastes. I think that any woman should have at least one set of post earrings in her jewelry collection and there are many reasons for such choice. Post earrings are very simple yet comfortable. They have a straight post and a removable backing which holds the earring in place.

The History of Earrings

Why people wear jewelry? There are women and men who just can't go out without their favorite ring on the finger or a necklace on their neck. Jewelry represents the way people see themselves. And among jewelry for women earrings are the most popular and desirable type of decoration representing the flair and the style.
19th century dangling earrings

What is Ear Gauging

A typical ear piercing is done with 20 or 18 gauge needle and it is for insertion of standard ear jewelry. Such ear piercing heals easily and quickly. And such piercing is usually done by those who want to abandon the piercing later.

Chain Earrings

There is a wide choice of jewelry at the market nowadays and each woman chooses the type matching her style and designs she likes most of all. Let's talk about the earrings perfect for people with round and heart shapes of the face- chain earrings. Chain earrings are made of one or several strands of metal chain creating linear, dangling silhouette. They can be made of various metals in variety of finishes.
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